Coco (2017) Review

This is…THE BEST ANIMATION IN 2017! This film makes me cry seriously. Anyway, by the opening of this film, you will see Olaf’s Adventure for maybe 25 min. This short film is good, but not really interesting for me. Maybe it’s because too simple, but hey kids love it!

So, Coco is a story about a boy who wants to be a musician but his family against it. For a reason, the family hates music. And Coco is not the boy’s name, but it’s his great grandmother. And the conflict goes high when Miguel ( the boy’s name) decided to enter a music competion and will do it no matter what happened. When he wants to join the competion, he doesn’t have a music instrument so he took someone’s guitar and…Woof! He is entering the land of the death! And the truth about his family is finally reveal.

What i love about this film are, the plot is so great and it’s really give us images about mexican culture. I am fall in love in every song in this film! And now i feel like start to likes Mexico LOL. This film tell us about how important a family is and whatever  we did, family will still loves us. I don’t know what i don’t like about this film. So, This film is really worth to watch, especially with your family. A really great thanksgiving’s film!

My Score 9.5/10


P.S. I saw some peoples cry because of the ending scene. And guess what? I hold my tears really hard.


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