Kota Tua

This is Kota Tua or in english “Old Town”. This place is a historical place for Indonesia, especially on Dutch Colonization. In this area, you will see many museums, like Wayang (shadow puppet), Pos (Post), Seni Rupa & Keramik (Fine Arts & Ceramics). That white building called Fatahillah Museum. To get here you can just take train or bus because there’s a train station and bus stop.


We can see something antique, unique, and cool stuff from this place. Because it’s not just museum, but also there are a bike rent. So, you can go around with bike and there are fortune teller. They will tell your future based on your palm lines. And if you tired, there are some cafes too. Mostly with old decoration. Famous cafe in here is Batavia Cafe which served you indonesian and dutch cuisine, or snacks and so on. If you want to try padang cuisine (which famous for rendang) then you can eat at Padang Merdeka. I’ll guarantee you won’t regret it!

If you wanna go to Kota Tua, make sure you are wearing something comfortable. Well, yeah. It’s hot  and many peoples include tourist there.

Hope you enjoy this!


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