Bad Genius (2017) Review

This is a film from Thailand and released on 23rd August in my country. The story is about a genius student get an offer to help her class friends. What kind of help? yes, to give the test answer and they will pay her for a high price too. Then this situation being used to makes more money, so she has a plan to make a service for high schooler who wants to passed STIC to pay her (actually with some of her friends) and this is where the cheat go into the next level.

Oh my god! I like this film! It’s really good story and i could feel the intensity while watching this. Fyi, this film is based on a true events. In this film you will see how a person can be that genius. Everything seems beyond her head but it doesn’t show something genius in an irrational way. And you can relate too about the problems that the students have and it connects with why they need a high score. I think this film shows us about student life and how can it be dangerous when it comes to money. The pressure from parents, financial life, and battle with ourselves to decide something will revealed on this film. For the actor and actrees, because i barely watched thai films, i must say they acting is really good. I like the main role acting and her character. What i don’t like about this film is their plan too risky and kinda spent lot of money. I know one of her friend is rich but still i’m wondering how did her rich friend get that money or is his father just give lots of money just like that?

About the ending, i think that’s a fair ending for the film. Something suprising comes. So, for me, this is a worth to watch! Anyway, Rotten tomatoes rate this  film for 92% fresh!


My Score 8.5/10





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