Morning, World

softly kiss in the bed hearing the singing bird feeling the warming light come through the window but it just a dream dream i always live in even so, i feel a little bit happy ’cause there’s something nice i imagine  

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Live a Life

I woke up in the morning feeling so empty like there’s nothing nothing to feel then i walk out somewhere to find something  something to make my heart’s space filled with joy, new knowledge, or someone finally find it but then it never last so everyday i have to work hard to not let my […]

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Coco (2017) Review This is…THE BEST ANIMATION IN 2017! This film makes me cry seriously. Anyway, by the opening of this film, you will see Olaf’s Adventure for maybe 25 min. This short film is good, but not really interesting for me. Maybe it’s because too simple, but hey kids love it! So, Coco is a story […]

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Always There

Just a simple thing Could bring me happiness As long as I have you Together i feel so much better Even in a small room Without anythings Shared funny moments from the past And sad moments from the past We are laughing to each other

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Kota Tua

This is Kota Tua or in english “Old Town”. This place is a historical place for Indonesia, especially on Dutch Colonization. In this area, you will see many museums, like Wayang (shadow puppet), Pos (Post), Seni Rupa & Keramik (Fine Arts & Ceramics). That white building called Fatahillah Museum. To get here you can just […]

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Open Door Open Door Let the door open For everyone And then gone Let them in To the open door That you always missed

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It’s not VS guys Lol 😀 Well, this is one of an exhibition. A bedroom with Hello Kitty stuff. And it’s pink everywhere. Cute, right?

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I hate that paper paper with numbers with face of founder  of country or whatever it blinds us makes us greedy changes people but i couldn’t help that i need it i must have it and it changes me now i’m just not myself i’m being controlled by a paper what a jokes

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